My Sister, the Serial Killer – Georgiann Carlson

Georgiann Carlson – Sister love

Brave & Reckless

my sister’s great
she’s funny
and kind
she’s also
a serial killer
but no one’s perfect
am I right
everyone has
she only kills
people who deserve it
people who hurt
and animals
I mean
someone has to do it
the law
doesn’t take care of
so she does
I’m really proud of her
she has college degrees
and everyone loves her
I’m going to be just like her
when I get a little older
she said that what she does
isn’t for everyone
but if I’m determined
she’ll teach me what to do
so I don’t get hurt
I can’t wait to get started
I love spending time
with my sister
family is important

I’m an artist, a writer, a vegetarian, an animal rights activist, and quite a few other things as well. I love books, cats, philosophy, good conversation…

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The creation of SMITTEN; Interview with Kindra M. Austin

Kindra M. Austin talks about the creation of Indie Blu(e) Publishing and SMITTEN.


Interview with Kindra M. Austin one of the two co-founders of Indie Blu(e) publishing by SMITTEN editor, Candice Daquin.

Candice: Indie Blu(e) is a young, edgy and finger to the pulse type of micro publishing gig. What went into its inception? What forces created Indie Blu(e)? What influences?

Kindra: When Christine and I first encountered one another, we recognized straight away that we share a passion for not only writing, but for helping other writers hone their creative voices. I think we first began talking about joining forces to build a publishing company in 2017. In 2018, we realized we already had the bones to build upon with the Indie Blu(e) Network, which we co-founded. The IBN began as a source for readers and writers to discover indie authors, and authors published through small presses.

Our shared vision has always been to represent the unconventional and underappreciated. Knowing what we wanted…

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Last Night I Was the Moon. . .

Christine Ray – Being the moon in your eyes

Brave & Reckless

last night
i was the moon
hung on an indigo canvas
painted with thousands
of twinkling lights
my silver mercury glow
reflected in
still waters
meandering rivers
crashing waves
your sea glass eyes
full of awe
full of wonder
last night
i was the moon
© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved




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Last Call: Monster, She Wrote Book Title Prompt Challenge

Last day of the month – last day of the Monster, She Wrote Challenge

Brave & Reckless

Did you write a response piece to one of the 31 Monster, She Wrote Book Title Writing Prompts that you would like published on Brave and Reckless?

I will accept response pieces inspired by any of the prompts through Sunday, November 6th at

If you submitted a piece for publication through email and did not hear back from me, please let me know in the comments below!

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SMITTEN is the #1 New Release in Poetry Anthologies on Amazon!

SMITTEN – readers speak

Brave & Reckless

What readers are saying:

Tres Hermanas

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ important book!

SMITTEN is one of those books that needed to be made. Women who love women exist but their voices are very marginalized. All of us can relate to love no matter what form it takes and this exquisite collection of women poets is so beautiful. I especially loved some of the more humorous takes on female relationships and learned a lot from the expression of relations between women that touched my heart. I will be purchasing a few copies of this lovely book for my friends who are both lesbian and straight. As a fan of poetry I cannot recommend it more highly it has some of the best poetry about love and relationships I have read in ages.

Carolyn Martin

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A Gift: The universality of Love

This unique anthology is filled with the everyday lives and experiences of women…

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Daily Writing Prompt: Monster, She Wrote – Lisa Kröger & Melanie R. Anderson

The Daily Writing Prompt for 10/31 – Monster, She Wrote

Brave & Reckless

For October, I decided to embrace the Halloween season and use titles of short stories and books discussed in the enjoyable and informative new book Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror and Speculative Fiction as my Daily Writing Prompts.  These are designed to inspire you to write a poem, prose piece, or a piece of flash fiction in 30 minutes or less.

The only rule is that you use the book title as your piece title OR integrate all the words in the title into your piece somehow

If you would like to have your piece considered for publication on Brave and Reckless and/or Whisper and the Roar, email your prompt inspired pieces to me at

You can also participate on Facebook by tagging your writing with:

  • #the title of the daily theme
  • #MonsterSheWroteChallenge
  • #braveandreckless66

or on Instagram by tagging your writing with:

  • #the title…

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SMITTEN authors in the news! SMITTEN POET Carla Toney talks to LC about her life

SMITTEN poet, Carla Toney tells her story.


Decked out in lipstick, earrings, a miniskirt, stockings, pump heels, my long hair down my back, I drove towards the lesbian bar I had heard about outside of Long Beach. It was 1969, I was 23 years old. Ordering a drink at the bar, I sat and looked around. Flannel shirts, cropped hair, workmen’s boots, I felt like I was surrounded by truck drivers. “I guess I’m not a lesbian,” was my thought as I exited the bar. Fast forward a year. With my M.A. from Cal State Long Beach in my pocket, I was celebrating in London, England. This time I put on jeans, a fancy blouse, earrings, and headed to the Gateways (the bar in the Killing of Sister George).

I arrived at 11pm. Unaware of the liquor licensing laws of England in 1970, I expected things to start about then. Instead they had called last orders…

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Quotable Poe Week Five-Kindra M. Austin

Kindra M. Austin – Quotable Poe Week Five – A dark rage

Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen


He visits the beachfront every night

and shouts her name at the ireful sea. He stands at the rock-strewn coastline,

his tall frame stooped and shaking

as the frigid tides break before him.

He laments the woman who haunts him—

The Archer, a living ghost.

His heartache is a fury that its vessel cannot hold;

passion erupts from deep chambers, guttural—

clashing with the salty, bitter wind. With every heave of his broad chest,

the waves too, heave.

The waves, they swell and snarl,

violent in their boldness.

Each night he stands at the edge of his country,

at the edge of his sanity, and curses her name until the sea threatens to rise up

and consume him. He advances upon the charge,

but all the white horses fall back and fade.

He casts his dull, unblinking eyes to the Heavens—

The Heavens that he denies exist.

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The Taste of Citrus

Christine Ray – Sweetness – prelude to sweeter

Brave & Reckless

silken black blindfold
covers eyes
feel your thumb
tracing my bottom lip
open up’ you say
I hesitate only briefly
before I obey
tongue and teeth greeted
with sweet-tart taste of ripe
blood orange
juices running
down chin
bare breasts
you feed me more segments unhurriedly
citrus dripping
skin sticky
your lips
long and lingering on mine
before trailing down to drink
sweet-tart juice
from my warm skin

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved
Revised © 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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Quicksilver Poetry

Pattimouse – Poets, prompts, and typos


First the inspiration back story..

So… On tumblr I managed to by virtue of sheer exhaustion do something that has me so embarrassed. I had a talented poet enter into my asks wanting to recieve a poetry prompt. Now… I am on a midnight schedule. My boyfriend works midnight to 9am, roughly. So, I usually am in bed between 2ish pm and 11pm. Well, I am also an insomniac…. Yesterday was a no sleep day. The poet thanked me for posting it… And I in my exhaustion… I did not double check the response before sending it out. Autocorrect got me. I sent Your welcome instead of the You’re welcome that I thought I was sending. So I think that I will attempt the prompt myself as recompense.

The prompt was : memories buried.
©2019 Patricia Harris

Six feet down,
In fresh turned earth…
Lays love once so dear.

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