The Demon Lover – Robert G Wertzler

My take on the Writing Prompt, The Demon Lover

Brave & Reckless

She is a lover of demons
Even, a seductress of demons
What fools those demons can be
Seeing a beautiful young woman
With an interest in the dark arts
An easy catch, they think
Such an easy soul to harvest
One they could use to draw in
Other mortals by their desires
But mortals are not her desire
And she is not tempted by
Their standard promises of wealth,
Eternal youth, or temporal power
She is not satisfied even by
Their sexual prowess (but enjoys it)
No, she wants more, something
More unexpected, deemed impossible
To awaken in their cold, dark hearts
Love, not mere lust, actual love
Tenderness, a desire to make her happy
And, somehow, she does
They find her irresistible
Because she does love them
Loves that in them that is not evil
She loses them all, of course
And misses them when they are
Called home…

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