The Phantom Coach – Robert G. Wertzler

My take on the Writing Prompt, The Phantom Coach

Brave & Reckless

The Phantom Coach surveyed the new recruits

He shook his head,

Or what would have been his head

If he had a material body

“They’re not a very promising lot.”

He thought, looking at them

These newly dead,

“But then, they rarely are.”

He launched into his speech.

“When you were still in mortal form, did you think being a ghost comes naturally and, that doing it well is easy? Well, it is not. You’ve all been raised on ghost stories made up by the living; the ignorant teaching the ignorant. Then, you die and cross over into the ethereal realm thinking all you have to do is wave your sheet at somebody and say “Boo” and they will run in terror, or go marching around some castle at midnight with your head tucked underneath you arm. [Though, it has to be admitted that Ann Boleyn does love that…

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