Poets of SMITTEN Series: Rachel Roth

Rachel Winter Roth, one of the SMITTEN poets in interviewed


Rachel Winter Roth graduated from the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg with a Bachelor’s degree in English Writing Studies and a Certificate in Creative Writing. She writes for a lifestyle magazine in Cape Coral, Florida CapeStyle Magazine, as well as for the entertainment website “Fansided Hidden Remote”. Loves horror and wishes to spend eternity writing horror novels.

How does being a poet inform your views on expressing emotions through writing?

For me, writing was the only way I knew how to communicate with the world. I was an awkward child with Asperger’s and a stutter, I couldn’t make eye contact most of the time and couldn’t say more than three words without stuttering. I was embarrassed and felt alienated. Kids can be cruel and for them, someone who can’t talk right was downright hilarious.

Woman Motivational Quote Facebook Post(2).pngThe only way I could properly put my thoughts into words as if…

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