Down a Dark Hallway – Georgiann Carlson

Georgiann Carlson – Cleansing the infectious rot

Brave & Reckless

she entered the abandoned church
and the screaming began immediately
it was accompanied by moaning
and wailing
then begging
and every now and then
fear washed over her
so much pain and suffering
lived inside the walls and floors
lies bled red
running in narrow rivulets down the walls
greed rotted the wood
pictures of torture and rape
flashed across the floor
and crawled over the ceilings
in their dirty ghostly garments
drifted through the hallway
thirty pieces
of silver in their hands
the faces of the children they had destroyed
ran up and down their robes
as their victims stood in silence
horror in their eyes
their mouths open in a silent scream
the echo’s of false sermons
rang loud and clear
rushing back and forth
looking for fearful ears
to infect

she looked at her notepad
checked what she had written
then said

“It’s a hell hole…

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