Thursday photo prompt: Stillness #writephoto

Jan Malique weaves a vision

Strange Goings On In The Shed

weymouth-028 Image: Sue Vincent

This is my entry for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt.

A continuation of the journey undertaken by this Companion of The Silent Eye School…

A figure stands on the headland, deep in thought and insubstantial in nature. Dark eyes scan the horizon, searching keenly, only moving away when the object of their focus comes into sight. A boat cuts through the water like a sharp dagger through canvas, slowing down when gossamer wings unfurl from the sails. The vessel quietly slips into the small harbour, ‘knowing’ it doesn’t need to announce its presence.  

The stillness in this space is filled with deep emotion. The bystanders stand frozen like statues, being set apart energetically from this place and time. Several figures emerge on the deck, all shrouded in fine cloaks. Their stature denotes persons of extraordinary quality, one in particular emanates a light of splendid power. Then, a voice…

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