Call the G7 Prime Ministers about Boycotting the Doral Summit for the Week of Sunday 20 October 2019

Calico Jack – New people to call

The Psy of Life

We have a special Call Your MoC post this week and that is call the prime ministers of the G7 countries to urge them to boycott the Doral G7 Summit. It is such an obvious corrupt move that it doesn’t deserve to be honored by the group.

The G7 doesn’t deserved to be dissed and tarnished by such obvious corruption and neither do their tax payers who would be emolumenting all over the Ol’ Pussy Grabber like some common pee-hooker he pays to piss on the Resolute Desk and American values.

Luckily, you have ways to be communicating our anger, disgust, and patriotism just like you do with your MoC’s. You can contact these governments either at their prime minister’s or chancellor’s office or through their ambassadors and charge d’affaires at their embassies in Washington. I list as many ways to contact them as I could find, so try them…

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