Christine Ray – Created equal – Therefore, dangerous – I wonder, did Adam ask for a replacement, or was that someone else’s idea?

Brave & Reckless

This was originally published by the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

you look at my nakedness
and call me ‘Eve’
name my sins

as you take the apple willingly
from my hand
but I am no Eve
offering temptation of the tree of knowledge’s sweet fruit
serpent wrapped around the branch above my head

I am Lilith
the first
shaped of the same dirt
as Adam
so the legend goes
I am not of dirt
but of fire
his equal
refusing to lie beneath him
in supplication

society names my sin
calls me

accuses me of
vexing the sons of men
with lustful dreams
leading them to defile themselves
as though it matters to me
where their seed is spilled

I will travel the ancient ways
clothed only in my dark tresses
my alabaster skin
don a crown of rose and poppy

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