Spare And Found Parts – Robert G. Wertzler

My response to the Writing Prompt, Spare And Found Parts

Brave & Reckless

RXM287R had been “reading” in the way robots do. Not the way humans do; Similar, but much, much faster. The novel, Frankenstein, took about five minutes to absorb, committed to memory and indexed. Now was time to ponder the story, consider the cautionary tale, and the question in mind.

Can a lonely robot build a friend, a partner, a mate? Could one actually get away with building an unregistered robot out of spare and found parts? Like the fictional doctor, RXM287R decided to try.

Then, a new problem came up. The creation would have no serial number. It would need a name, like a human. But human names tend to be gender-specific, not always, but mostly, and robots are genderless. Choosing a name would be tricky. Should RXM287R give a simulation of gender to it? Program the personality to match? Then, could a robot with a human name and forged…

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