The Haunting Of Hill House – Robert G. Wertzler

My twist on the Writing Prompt – The Haunting Of Hill House

Brave & Reckless

It was not a house on a hill, but more of a hill on the house. A house in a hill might be more apt, with bits sticking out here and there, towers, terraces, decks, doors, and windows. As if a castle was mostly buried, or it had grown from inside like a plant of stone. It was old, very old, even ancient, but renovated inside with modern conveniences. It had been sold and resold, rented and canceled with great frequency. Former owners and tenants never spoke the why. They moved far away. Several had gone quite mad. Two things never changed, the butler and the housekeeper. They were very old, but not decrepit. Nobody in the village remembered them young. Some owners had tried to replace them, but any new staff quickly left, and the two reappeared. It was whispered that they were part of the house, built in…

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