Don’t Let ‘Em Gaslight You: Ukraine Scandal and Impeachment, Edition

Calico Jack – Self defense against gaslighting

The Psy of Life

Those around a mentally impaired person who is unable to face facts will often give into that person’s wishful narrative—the sheer drive is often difficult to overcome. — Bandy Lee, in Salon’sTrump’s Mental Health Is Now A National And Global Emergency

That line has haunted me since I read it back in June. Dr. Lee was referring to Mueller’s testimony before the House and how someone as mentally ill as the Ol’ Pussy Grabber can bend otherwise intelligent wise people to their insanity. It is a testament to the absolute power of gaslighting. Gaslighting is the Death Star of politics; it can destroy entire planets. It is destroying ours.

Gaslighting 101

Gaslighting is the vernacular for narcissistic personality abuse. It is what we are all subject to in increasing amounts each and very day. But, it isn’t just the Ol’ Pussy Grabber gaslighting us…

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