Thursday photo prompt: Balefire #writephoto

Jan MAlique – Fire at the heart of all

Strange Goings On In The Shed

balefire Image: Sue Vincent

My contribution for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt.

This one was approached with hesitance, I wasn’t sure how to spin my tale. In the end the only solution was to follow gut instinct and the voice of one Muse.

In the beginning there was only Fire, one sacred centre from which all others emanated. The One that was Many stood deep within its Heart, weaving spells of creation and mysteries unfolding. The Master Mage danced a pattern, a blueprint of life yet to be, and  teachings profound.

The people of the Fire stood ready, to serve in all humility the eternal Power that gave them Life. They were the great Circle that was Perfection incarnate,  the Master Mage being a single point at its Heart. Solar Logos, Balefire, Sol. Call it what you may, their essence was mutable, flowing through and within matter as they pleased. Nourishment and…

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