Eektober series (part ten) – Nisreen Ali

Nisreen Ali – A beast overcome

Brave & Reckless

A storm was brewing by the horizon
Even in pitch black she maneuvered her way with ease
She’d never forgotten meeting them all by the cliff years ago
And she sensed one would be waiting for her there.

It sat perched at the edge with all it’s magnificence
Darkness doing injustice to its bright plumes
Talons larger than her palms, beak as big as her face
Eyes drowningly deeper than the blue sea underneath them

The ancient numinous bird daemon had an uncanny smile
It was gouging on spiders within a pumpkin
‘My monstress, how fine have you grown up to be?
My bones are tired & weary, you see.
Come now, cross over this godforsaken human line, come to me.’

It’s eyes saw her clenched fist
There was defiance in the wild winds.

The bird opened it’s enormous wings
It’s quivering feathers flew across her…

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