The Feculent Touch Strikes Again: the al-Baghdadi Edition

Calico Jack – Cheap shots make enemies

The Psy of Life

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead!

Watching the Ol’ Pussy Grabber carefully and cautiously pronounce the name and utter the sentence and read from the teleprompter causes me to fear for the man’s very life. The strain and struggle contort his face with effort. He could easily hurt himself. I’m surprised the Secret Service doesn’t wrestle the teleprompter to the ground.

“Assume he’s lied until it’s verified.

The latest announcement was about the fourth time we were assured of his demise, so please understand that when the pathological chronic liar squatting in the White House said it, I didn’t quite accept it as truth. What was the old Cold War saying, “Trust, but verify?” When dealing with the Ol’ Pussy Grabber it is, “Assume he’s lied until it’s verified.” I guess since ISIS has issued a statement about Baghdadi’s death and his replacement, we can all safely assume this rotted…

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