I had an annual medical checkup in early October (courtesy of Medicare) – something I’ve been skipping for quite some time, partly die to dealing with other issues (Prostate problem last year and Cataracts the year before), but mainly procrastination.

A Smoker Screening CT Scan found a “suspicious nodule” in my left lung. It is small, barely large enough to register as significant, but needs to be identified. A PET scan is scheduled on Tuesday 11/12 in Asheville, NC, but I will be able to drive myself for that. That test will show whether the nodule is metabolically active and how much.

Depending on the results of that, a Navigated Bronchoscopy* may be indicated as the next step, but might not if the PET shows little or no metabolic activity in the thing. That is scheduled for 11/14 if needed at the hospital in Asheville. I’m working on getting someone to drive me to and from that because it is done under anesthesia and driving afterward is not recommended.

Other than that, results of a breathing test were quite good. Blood panel results were very good (all values comfortably in normal range), and Blood Pressure has been good all along. Results of the Cologuard test (a substitute for colonoscopy) for colon cancer are pending.


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