All the Bright Places – Candice Louisa Daquin

Candice Louisa Daquin – Lost and present in places dark and bright

Brave & Reckless

All the places I have been
and sat, and wept, and dried my tears
moving on to another destination
leaving you there
in shards, in bottle tops, in crumpled napkins and cigarette box
leaving you there
in unmade sheets, flung wide windows, ageless sea gracing our loss
with her eternity.
I have run from you, I have gathered wood and returned, I have blown us up
and patched us back together
and all this time you have been gone
long and lost like the sea shell necklace made at 17
at the bottom of the ocean, where you pickle white turn into effervescence
in the corner of my vision, crossing my path ever more and never again
for lovers who are lost, for lovers riding trains alone with a ghost
for you who stroked me in ways that left me alive when you were not
for you who is no…

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