I Know You

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Same journey

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

You don’t know me, but you do. I don’t know you, but I am you. Maybe we have never met, but we are the same. I know you. I have walked in your shoes at times and yes, you have also tried mine on a time or two, walked the same path, felt the way it hurts when those shoes become uncomfortable as we outgrow pair after pair. This path… love, this path… it’s not always smooth, is it? Sometimes it gets a little rough, cracks and crumbles along the middle, and other times, it breaks, like an earthquake showing up to say, “go the other way” just before that path falls out from under you and you fall too. I have fallen like that, face first into lessons I never wanted to learn, but I learned. Feels like being force fed lessons found in my own medicine sometimes and…

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