Thursday photo prompt: Light #writephoto

Jan Malique – Light Rising

Strange Goings On In The Shed

snowy-dawn-ivinhoe-and-ashridge-111 Image: Sue Vincent

My offering for Sues’s Thursday photo prompt. 

Light brings with it Hope during the darkness, of Winter and the Dark Night of the Soul. There are forces of Nature and powers therein that bring with them dissolution and regeneration. One such being moves through the great forest at the edge of the world. An ice and snowbound world that contains, well, silence. 

A silence all embracing and infinite as he moves through the great forest. The staff in his hand is surmounted by a flame so bright it cuts through the gloom like a sword. Wisps of the darkness fall like dying gasps of a world enshrouded by mist and ice.

The great forest holds its breath, for it knows what is to come. Hope comes in many forms, often clothed in unbearable beauty. It is the powdery snow overlaid by ruby red droplets, of a…

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