Call My Name

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – “if only you had looked in time.”

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Call my name

when you see something beautiful,

like a sky with a song

or a storm that follows you home.

Call my name

when the words drop,

when the music stops,

when the meaning

of the song

grabs hold of your soul,

and feeds you your heart.

Call my name

when the sun rises,

when you can’t stop looking,

when the view is worth

a picture

and the picture has

a thousand words

to write home about.

Call my name

when you cry for no reason

other than the way

something beautiful

rips your heart out

and you know

I would cry with you.

Call my name

when you write a story

in your head

before you put it to paper,

and call my name

when you have to change

the ending

because the story of us

didn’t end beautiful.

Call my name

when your heart breaks,

when my…

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A Love Poem

Kindra M. Austin – Taste and more

His tongue tastes like saliva

and cherry


When he wants to fuck,

he asks if I’m in the mood;

is that respect or


Why should I


His irises are

two oceans alight

with bursts of butter yellow


a pair of pupils are black

holes I navigate.

I love him,

and I don’t mind that

he seeks permission

to fuck me.

I love him

and the tang

of ultra-fine tobacco.

I love him

and the ordinary scent

of his skin.

I love him

and his cannon mouth,

made for resounding laughter.

I love that he said if I

die first, he’ll carry

my ashes in his pocket—

his front one so I’m

closer to his you know what.

His tongue tastes like saliva

and cherry


© 2019 Kindra M. Austin

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Week Five: An Unquiet Mind Writing Prompt Challenge

Unquiet Mind writing prompts for Week Five

Brave & Reckless

This November Brave and RecklessGo Dog Go Café, and Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen are teaming up to host An Unquiet Mind Writing Prompt Challenge. At the beginning of each week, we will provide daily writing prompts inspired by titles of memoirs and novels that explore life with mental illness.

We will also provide the Goodread links for the book prompts if you would like to explore any of the titles in greater depth.

Although these prompts are designed to inspire you to write a poem, prose piece, piece of flash fiction, or art in 30 minutes or less, we realize these prompts may be difficult for some readers. We sincerely apologize if any of the prompts are triggering for you.

The only rule is that you use the book title as your piece title OR integrate all the words in the title into your piece somehow. …

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The Fascisting of America: Explaining Why More Americans Don’t Support Impeachment (1/3)

Calico Jack – How is this possible?

The Psy of Life

So, I guess, y’all know there’s this impeachment thingee going on now. You must. It’s on all the TVs. There’s people talking about the Ol’ Pussy Grabber saying that he wants all the quid for their pro, it’s quo, as the kids like to say nowadays. I mean, after reading all the call “transcripts” of the quid pro quo calls with the president of Ukraine I rue the day that they changed that from the Ukraine. Who wouldn’t want to be known as the Ukraine? It’s so cool! But, whatev. It’s Ukraine’s name, they get to decide what it is, I guess. Although, I’m totally down with Kyiv, pronounced as one syllable, Keev. — like, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber totally grabbing Ukraine by the pussy and whispering his sweet nothing, We want a favor, though, into its ear followed by a warm, wet, heaping helping…

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I Miss Me

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – “every flag we fly that was once a scar”

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I really miss you, in case you didn’t know. I miss the way you used to smile, like nothing bad could ever touch you, the way I could see the passion reach out from your heart, through your eyes and just take hold of the world like every day had a new sky you were seeing for the first time. I miss the way you were the life of the party, always making everyone laugh, and how your spirit was a magnet for every color I’ve ever seen. Even the ocean wanted to be the one to get close enough to touch you, hoping maybe it could hold you long enough to carry you and just maybe… some of your magic would spill out and let the sea drink in every scar that made you so strong, let the wind carry the softness that put music in your song. You…

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TheFeatheredSleep – Like day and night, in and out of the light of love’s eyes


Our love

is a silent auction

I raise my hand

and bid

on the deep of your brown eyes

falling each time

we piroet about the other

orbiting stars catching up

for the lifetime we spent apart

I cannot get closer

though each time, I try anew

to become the parts that are not me

when you are absent

my world dims as if cateracts

attach instantly

robbing me of clarity

out of focus

I can stand the temperature

of this betrayed land

the sorrow she buries

beneath each leaden day

If you continue to exist

grace me once or often

with the warmth of your regard

you see, I am born to live

only by your word

and when you put me out and say

make your own way now girl

I turn to filament, to pencil lead

crushed beneath the dismissal

fade away

only seen

by your gaze

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Wanna Live, Human?

Cluster B – Fatal denial?


a question for each of us…

is the human a lemming intent on it’s on destruction?

I mean, really. Do you believe in science? Science tells us we have, maybe 12 years in which we can get it together to stop our suicidal emissions to save the planet before we will have destroyed it beyond our ability to fix it. Greta Thunberg has been crying out as a voice in the wilderness. Some of us are even listening and working on solutions. One of those people is Bernie Sanders. He’s running for president. But he has to get the nomination first. And he is up against a “Democratic” establishment that seems manifestly insane. They are insanely opposed to progressive forces in their own party even if those are the only forces that have a chance of saving the planet. They attachment to neoliberalism are more important to…

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