Miracle on 34th Street (Read this with a New York Accent)

Georgiann Carlson – A for real miracle

Brave & Reckless

snow can really slow a city down
it’s bad for walking
for shopping
and especially for driving
but there’s nothing to be done about it
snow doesn’t ask permission
it just does whatever it wants to do
but one day
in New York City
on 34th Street
just as rush hour was at it’s worse
something happened
that never happened before
people called it a miracle
and truthfully
it’s hard to argue
with that definition
here’s what happened
everything seemed normal
people were honking
and swearing at each other
traffic was stopped
and everyone was in a hurry
everyone’s always in a hurry
in New York
so this little girl
in a red coat and hat
starts jumping up and down
then she runs into the street
and faces the cars
the cop on duty
rushes toward her
his whistle in his mouth
and she throws her arms
over her…

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