The Gift of the Magi – Georgiann Carlson

Georgiann Carlson – The Magi are quite surprised

Brave & Reckless

“You’re kidding,” said Mary. “Company? I just had a baby! How did they even find us?”

“I’m not sure but I can’t just turn them away,” said Joe. “I think they brought gifts for the baby and they’ve been on their camels for quite some time. The camels are tired.”

“THE CAMELS ARE TIRED?” said Mary, rather loudly. “I HAVE BEEN IN LABOR FOR HOURS, ON THE BACK OF A DONKEY. HAD THE BABY BY MYSELF, laying on straw, and you’re telling me that, THEY’RE TIRED?”

Joe backed up. I mean, come on, he wasn’t that stupid. “Maybe they can just look at the baby and leave.”

“Maybe you’ll be leaving with them. Don’t take the burro.”

“You’re being a little unreasonable,” said Joe, softly,

Mary smiled and felt around under the bloody straw. She found what she was looking for and threw it at Joe’s head. The horseshoe grazed…

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