Hold Me – Ivor Steven

Ivor Steven – Home

Brave & Reckless

unnamed 2

Take me to my home
Home is where my heart is
Home’s on that windy hill
Above a hidden valley
Hovering, a heavenly cloud
Take me to my home
I’m waiting here alone
Almost packed ready to go
Vacating this old place
Leaving this world behind
Take me to my home
The beyond will be greener
I know you’ll be there
You’ve been waiting so long
I know you’ll hold me again
Hold me in our home

Ivor Steven (c) Dec 2019

Ivor Steven is a part-time plumber, a former industrial chemist, and now likes to call himself a plumber/poet. He has had several of his poems published. He started writing eighteen years ago, after suffering a stroke, to help with his rehabilitation process. In December 2018, Ivor suffered another two strokes, and has again recovered, to continue writing his poetry, and is an active member of the Geelong Writers…

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