Home Alone – Candice Louisa Daquin

Candice Louisa Daquin – Home Alone

Brave & Reckless

A movie with a blonde kid made everyone laugh
I think he was done for drug possession later on
people commented; See that’s what happens when
you’re famous too young

Home Alone

Watching TV in a room where the carpet hasn’t yet been lain
maybe if he’d not felt such despair they’d have bothered but
he stares out of the windows most days
I’m not sure what

Home Alone

For Xmas and Hannukah I asked for company
the door bell sat unchimed and even the clock
unwound, forgot to tick
as if all the silence in the world wasn’t sufficient

Home Alone

Every December of every year a sinking feeling
invited to the neighbors but who wants to be
sitting among someone else’s family
I did that as a kid, it wasn’t fun

Home Alone

If I could ask you to stop letting your hate of me or rather, yourself

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