River – Christine Bolton

Christine Bolton – Conversation with a river

Brave & Reckless

You have bathed me
Soothed me
Drank my tears 
and carried me away
on your fierce current
You have given me
your frozen surface
so I might skate
in the moonlight 
Your magical
changes colors
with the sun
From morning
golden pond
to shimmering
as twilight
claims the day
I am deep
like my sometimes
still waters
Beneath my surface
in its dark mystery
live creatures
you never see
and plants that 
need no light
from the sun
by constant
heavy rains
I sometimes
swell to my limits
and crest
Breaking my banks
and then
I am not loved

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

You can read more of Christine Bolton’s writing at Poetry For Healing: Words from the Heart

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