Through Dirty Windows

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Clouded windows

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

She was the girl who had it all and some would say she still does, but it’s hard to see when you’re looking in from the outside, through windows she stopped washing years ago. The dirt settles across the glass like art no one sees the beauty in and every once in a while she spits into the cracks, spills profanities like compliments, and says, “you deserve a canvas as broken as you have always been.” And she smiles the kind of smile that holds the sob inside like a prisoner who volunteered to be in solitary confinement. It’s better that way. Sometimes we sit in a cage that’s unlocked, as we dangle the keys, and think of all the reasons we deserve to be there and all the reasons we don’t deserve to stand up and step out. She can save herself, but she can’t save herself. She knows…

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