When the Sky Fell

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – “In some strange way, there’s comfort in the memory of both.”

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I guess this is part of saving myself. I tell myself the distance helps, but it’s a knife straight through the center of my heart. We both stand back, look on from afar, like strangers tend to do sometimes. Baby steps in this lesson of losing and letting go. I don’t always know and as much as I try to do it with grace, I am aware it’s anything but pretty. Is it supposed to be? I don’t think so. Because it mattered, so the graceful walk away… well, that’s for the mild hearted I guess. I am too passionate to tread lightly away from the view of that sky, even when it covered me as it fell like a storm that took my heart and smashed it to pieces with your name still inside. What can I say? I never did see a storm that made me run the…

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