Fairytale of New York – Georgiann Carlson

Georgiann Carlson spins a Fairytale Of New York

Brave & Reckless

every year at Christmas
New York disappears
no one really notices
but that’s what happens
it’s picked up by two giants
who are very strong indeed
and carried to a secret fairytale place
to be evaluated
and dissected by lab techs
who determine whether or not
the human species
should be allowed to continue
the techs check out the buildings
they listen to our songs
they watch to see what people do
all night and all day long
are they mean or are they happy
do they fight or are they kind
are they loving
are they helpful
are they clean
and do they shine
do they care for other species
for the birds and fish and such
or are they selfish and too greedy
to care so very much
are they filled with love or hatred
equality or rage
do they think of life as wholesome
or something set…

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