The Shop Around the Corner – RUGBY843

RUGBY843 – The spirit of the gifts matters

Brave & Reckless

Shops around the corner

Is an old idea

In a village maybe

But in the city, not ideal.

Suburbs are the worst

Only malls to find your gifts

Crowded shops built side by side

To help avoid snow drifts.

I’m missing mom and pop shops

And grow a bit nostalgic

Like sugar plums and caramel pops

Not what today’s kids pick.

It’s either computer games or VR

It seems there’s lots of changes

Games and books are preferable to

Socks and sweaters that cause sad faces.

No matter what gifts you choose

Be careful not to lose

The meaning of the season

To give love without a reason.

You can read more of RUGBY843’s writing at The Bag Lady

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