Bad Santa – Georgiann Carlson

Georgiann Carlson – Grumpy at the pole

Brave & Reckless

people think I’m a BAD Santa
you try living with a bunch of elves
all year long
and cookies
I’m so sick of cookies
and the whole house smelling
like a bakery
and what about the isolation
everywhere I look there’s nothing
but SNOW
and more SNOW
it’s freezing cold
and look at my clothes
I just want to lay around
in a pair of jeans
and a t-shirt
the reindeer aren’t a problem
I hang out in the bar a lot
it doesn’t smell like cookies in the barn
it smells like hay
I don’t have any neighbors
I mean
who would want to live here?
my wife hates the cold
misses the city
her friends
the cafe life
I can see it in her eyes
I don’t think she’s going to kill me
in my sleep
but she might leave me
she hates baking too
and all those…

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