What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? – Tracey Koehler

Tracey Koehler – A New Year’s Eve release

Brave & Reckless

In my dream, I killed a man
I ran a knife across his throat
I watched his life spill from him
Until he was still

I woke in sheer panic
Was I insane?
A psychopath?
A hidden monster inside me?

My mind screamed in defense
I love kittens and puppies
I love the smell of new babies
I care about people, really care!

It was early on a Sunday morning
Dawn had not yet broke
I poured coffee and grabbed a blanket
And, I thought

I loved this person, but
He had had kept me in this box
Where I used to live
Who I used to be

With no regard
To the work I had done
To the nightmares I had overcome
He didn’t see how I had put the pieces of my soul back together

He kept me in that box
That terrifying box
Where I was less…

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