A Quickie: Improving Impeachment Support, the Result of Collective Intelligence

Calico Jack is reading about changing polls.

The Psy of Life

The MSN Poll

Follow the link to find the thread: David Rothschild

Ye Olde Blogge follows the impeachment opinion polling very carefully, and, by carefully, I mean checking the FiveThirtyEight impeachment tracker several times a day. According to them, as of this writing, support for impeachment stands at 47.8% support and 46.0% don’t support. They’ve switched their front page summary to a tracker by party affiliation, which is annoying since to find the aggregation, you have to click on the link. In the article, they also breakdown the polling by the type of question asked, like support for impeachment versus support for removal from office, for example, so it can be worth it to read it a few dozen times.

Rothschild makes an important point, though, in that part of the erosion of the don’t support side is people shifting to the don’t know option since people…

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