20 World Events on Climate Change and Environmental Issues in 2020

Major international events about climate change


COP21 in Paris, France (Photo: U.S. Department of State)

The year 2020 will be the year of climate action and for many years to come. Until 2019, we have witnessed how climate change and environmental problems could contribute to worsening the extreme weather events that are happening worldwide. We also watched the powers of the youths’ voices worldwide raising people’s awareness and pushing governments to act accordingly on the climate crisis.

The world does have some yearly major agendas to be followed up by us. Some are global agendas with a relating theme on climate and environment, some are specifically-organized to fully discuss the climate crisis and find the solutions in the form of climate action around it. events on climate change and events with a theme on climate change.

Below are some of those world events, whether it is a regional or international event on climate change and environmental…

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