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Fae Corps Inc

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Hey all, Cyndi here with some awesome news! With the new year starting, Patti and I have put our heads together and decided to expand Fae Corps. We will no longer be Fae Corps Publishing but Fae Corps Inc! We will have two ‘arms’ of the company – Fae Corps Publishing, which will stay right here were we’ve been, AND Fae Corps Studios, which is where we will have a separate website.

FCP will continue with publishing and showcasing authors and aritsts. FCS will be where Patti and I showcase and sell our various arts and crafts. Once we have that set up and ready to go, we will post the link, but it will take a while as we have the amazing upcoming release party and release day of Faery Footprints!

SO! Make sure you are following this blog so you can keep up to date with all the…

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