The Great Civics Lesson: Yo! Yo! Yo! Voting Matters, Yo! — Updated

Calico Jack returns to an old (as in the ancient days of November 2016) post still timely.

The Psy of Life


Apparently Ms McGee is a Bernie or Buster who writed an article from her own little head to the great big wide interwebs with her thinking thoughts about our latest presidential election. I cannot lie, I first read about this affront to democracy and humanity, about this contribution to the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid in an article savaging the young Ms by the editrix, owner, and publisher of theWonkette,Rebecca Shoenkopf, my personal hero and the inspiration for this blog, but, be warned, if you dare visit, she bites!

After this election, I am in the mood of moods, and it don’t take much to get me to thinking and pondering and wondering and mouthing off and shit. Well, truth be told, it ain’t ever took much to get me to mouth off, but this election has made a bad thing worse, dammit! It has!…

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