MEME: Putin has bought the Republican Party

Calico Jack – Bought and paid for

The Psy of Life

Putin has figured out how to defeat liberal democracies! I’m sure he’s kicking himself for not having realized it earlier because it is just that fucking simple.

He uses capitalism against us. He buys our politicians. It is that simple. Look at the Republican Party! How many pundits and members of the media profess abject confusion and consternation about the behavior of the Republican Party? When will they get a backbone? they lament. Where is the patriotism of the Republican Party? they wonder.

They won’t. Putin has sold them on the idea of an oligarchy just like they have in Russia!

  • Fixed elections! They’ll never lose another election because of gerrymandering, voter suppression, structural advantages in the Senate and electoral college, and foreign interference.
  • Fixed courts! They’ll never have another law overturned by a judge because they’ve packed the courts with their radically incompetent judges. And, they stole a SCOTUS…

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