MEME: Trump’s Re-Election Guarantees a 7-2 Conservative SCOTUS Split

Calico Jack – The Court matters

The Psy of Life

One of the most overlooked and under appreciated issues in any presidential election is the appointment of federal judges in general and Supreme Court justices in particular. It was super important in the 2016 election given the #MoscowMitch stole a Supreme Court justice, but somehow we “forgot” about the issue and let the Ol’ Pussy Grabber win.

It is super-duper important in the 2020 election because the age of some of the more liberal justices and because the Repubes are willing to buy the retirements of the justices, see Anthony Kennedy.

Between now and November 2020 don’t be surprised to see one or more of the older conservative justices retire. The Repubes are looking to pack the court with young justices that will support their authoritarian endeavors.

They know for their coup to be complete, they’ll need the blessing of the Supreme Court on key cases. They…

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