Made for Him/Response Poem to Niia’s Made for You

Christine Ray – Dolls – plastic and flesh

Brave & Reckless

The video for Niia’s Made for You is one of the most disturbing, provocative and mesmerizing music videos I have ever seen. I could not look away even when I wanted to.  It inspired my response poem below.  TRIGGER WARNING: This is not an easy video for rape survivors, victims of childhood sexual abuse or domestic violence— but damn did it make me think and feel.

she hangs on a hook
suspended animation
not considered alive
until he walks into the room
he calls her Doll
relishes her plastic perfection
the eyes that will never cry
he caresses her once
before brutally meeting his needs
he can unleash his beast
without restraint or care
she is shell with no voice
she cannot protest
she longs to shower when it is over
wash off his stink
her bile
the others surround them
trapped in horrified silence

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