Repurposed Love

GG – Many sides of Valentine’s Day

Gunmetal Geisha

Valentine’s Day is like Thanksgiving with less tryptophan and more schmaltz.

Note: When I began Gunmetal Geisha, I wrote a Valentine’s Day post for the first three years to express my love toward my readers. Today I woke up wanting to ignore this day, at least publicly, because some years I’m the alone curmudgeon and others I’m the in-love gusher. Worse than the occasions I was a grumpy loner, I’ve had boyfriends who didn’t bother even with a cursory “Happy Valentine’s Day,” while others sent me enough purple tulips to cover my entire dining table. Such extremes, and how each made me feel, bring me to think about other people in general and how best to be sensitive toward them all — those who feel alone, those who feel neglected, and those who want to celebrate their love out loud. In the end, I decided that rather than ignoring Valentine’s…

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