Misty Blue

Christine Ray – Having the blues

Brave & Reckless

angel from my left shoulder
is on vacation
reading Kafka at the Shore
in a ruffled white tankini
while sipping Shirley Temples
sends quaint postcards
scrawled in pink ink
Weather is beautiful, glad you aren’t here
her A’s all hearts of course
devil on my right shoulder
is all business
rocks Prada
Manola Blahniks
has no interest in inciting a Pussy riot
or taking me out to a rave
taking me down a peg
brings her joy
like most mean girls
her voice could etch glass
painted on smile never wavers
while she drips venom drop by drop
down my naked ear
she hisses
you suck
perhaps I could drown her out
with sprightly show tunes
but the radio station is stuck
on Etta James
and all that will play
is the blues

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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