What a Maroon! Being Trolled about Gun Violence

Calico Jack – Who gets to show their gun?

The Psy of Life

Blogging is a lonely business. We don’t get many comments, likes, or ratings. Oh, sure, we have a hearty core cadre of commenters and likers that keep us busy and feeling like we are making a difference, but we just don’t get much by outside affirmation.

We haven’t had many of the trolly-type comments, either. It saddens me that we don’t. I think we must be missing some be doing something wrong. Either that or requiring every commenter to submit an Email address and wait in the approval queue discourages them. Feel free to speculate in the comments, and, perhaps, your comment will be approved for public consumption!

I suppose other more successful blogs do have lots of commenters and such, but here at Ye Olde Blogge, we do not. Consequently, we cherish and celebrate every commenter trolly or not, we just don’t always approve their comments and allow them…

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