Call Your MoC about Project Payback for the Week of Sunday 2 March 2020

Calico Jack – Payback Time (the Senate version)

The Psy of Life

This one isn’t exactly a Call your MoC about a piece of legislation or an issue, but it does involve members of the Senate, and I think you’re going to like it! Indivisibleis running Project Payback! Tell us all about your experience with all the little things you can do over at their page in the comments. The links all open in a new tab, so it’s easy to get back her to comment! That’s me smiling after doing you that service.

Project Payback is a campaign to defeat ten Repube Senators in November as payback — Get it? Hunh? Project Payback? Pretty good, hunh? — for the impeachment shame trial cover-up vote. It’s the perfect way to keep your anger over the whole gottam assault on our democracy going and keep yourself stoked for the November elections.

They are targeting ten Senators, see if your favorite…

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