Heavy Mental: an advanced review from Nicole Lyons, author of The Lithium Chronicles Vol. I & II

A beautiful review of Kindra M. Austin’s “Heavy Mental” by Nicole Lyons

“Two new lungs

inflate within my beaten chest.

I watch the rise and fall;

my eyes are like an infant’s, opened

for the first time,

and I want to see.”

  • Kindra M. Austin, The Rise and Fall

“You don’t like what




and I’m the one who


  • Kindra M. Austin, Disintegration

“The sun remains

godlike in the firmament,

and I can still love the warmth on my face.”

  • Kindra M. Austin, Butter Yellow, Unmelting

Within the pages of Heavy Mental, Kindra Austin lies, and lays her heart out for all of the world to feast. And feast, we do, on this, the pinnacle of her soul’s work.

To say that Heavy Mental has catapulted Austin and her work into the same literary sphere as Plath or Cohen or Atwood is as true as the sky above and our souls below. And I, a ride or die fan…

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