The Daily Song: 1200 Days

Christine Ray shares a remembered song.

Brave & Reckless

Revisiting some of my daily songs from the early days of Brave and Reckless.  Hope you enjoy.

1200 Days

Just four words

That I must ask of you

They’re not just words

‘Cause they show all my love for you

All my certainty

Forever will not fade

The soothing sound

Of your first with my last name

Twelve hundred days

It lifted me down on one knee

Thank you for loving all

I’ll never be

Cause when I look in your eyes

I see our baby’s first steps on her own

And the front porch lights

They light the way to lead me home

‘Cause your hands they heal my body

And your voice is so sweet to my mind

I don’t want another day without you

Oh darling,

Will you forever be mine

I asked your fathers permission for your hand

And I promise right beside you is where…

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