Call Your MoC about PROTECTING OUR ELECTIONS for the Week of Sunday 29 February 2020

Calico Jack – The Election Security bills currently on the table that Mitch will not want to have a vote on.

The Psy of Life

I’ve followed up on all four bills that are pending before Congress, and guess what? Ain’t none of their statuses (or is that stati?) have changed! No real surprise there. I’m guessing ain’t no one but the electorate is serious about protecting our elections, and I’d be surprised if it were more than two-sixths or about 40% of the population even cares. That would be the Democrats plus some concerned Repubes and independents. I’m sure that the Repubes are hoping for interference as long as it helps them and the iNdEpEnDeNt voter just can’t be bothered with something as complex and difficult as democracy.

Protecting our elections is a complicated. The bills languishing before both the House and the Senate only address a small fraction of the issues. So, the post goes in this order:

  1. The bills
    • Outline the bill
    • Explain its status in the house it is stuck in

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