Heart of the Storm, Part 5

Christine Ray – A healing meeting in the forest

Brave & Reckless

Legolas had no real sense of how long he lay unconscious before he became gradually aware that he was no longer alone.  His first conscious thought was to reach for his knife in his boot, but his hands seemed disinclined to obey him and his heavy eyelids remained steadfastly closed.  A hand delicately probed his side, making his gasp and half sit-up at the pain.  A second hand firmly but gently pushed him back against the nest of roots as a disembodied voice said to him soothingly,

“Peace brother, I want only to help.  You are very gravely wounded.  Drink this.  It will help build your strength.”

Legolas heard the quiet pop of a stopper being removed from a glass bottle and his nose was filled with the odor of sweet-smelling healing herbs.  A hand helped steady his head while another guided the vial to his lips.  After some initial…

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