Christine Ray – Some songs, some dancing, discovery

Brave & Reckless

Friends, they had always just been friends.  Good friends.  Friends who could always make the other laugh.  Who it was never too late to call or text if your car broke down, or you needed to talk out a decision, or your heart had just been broken, or the night was long and lonely.  “Hey, it’s me. . .” had always been a sufficient greeting.

Friends.  The line had always seemed very clear.

They were the only singles at a party with couples.  Everyone was dancing.  The song was James Bay’s Let It Go.  He had reached for her hand without thinking.  Her left in his right.  It then made sense for his left arm to drape around her waist.  She settled her right hand gently on his left forearm.  The only skin contact was her hand in his but he had simply never thought about her hand in…

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