Heart of the Storm – Chapter Five

Christine Ray – How might a prince resolve a conflict of love and duty?

Brave & Reckless

As they moved closer to Lothlorien the air became warmer and sweeter, the atmosphere more still and serene.  Storm sensed no threats to their well being in the surrounding woods.  About an hour or two before nightfall, Storm halted them for the last time.  “We will be comfortable here for the night.  There is a brook to fish in and it should be safe to have a cooking fire.  When we are ready to sleep for the night, we can use one of the tree platforms.  You look tired Legolas of Mirkwood, would you like to rest on the bank while I gather wood?”

Legolas merely nodded his ascent.  He was reluctant to admit it, but he was too tired to talk, let alone walk further.  He sunk down on the mossy banks of a gentle brook and promptly fell into sleep.

While Legolas rested, Storm busied herself with finding…

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