Heart of the Storm – Chapter Seven

Christine Ray – Of love lost and found?

Brave & Reckless

Legolas thought that he would have a restless night, however, his healing body quickly demanded the sleep it craved.  He awoke to early light and the sound of several of the scouts he had briefly met the previous night.  One of the scouts, Haldir, gave Legolas a smile and offered him a hand up.  Legolas stretched fully, with only a twinge in the side that yesterday had almost been his undoing.

“We were just about to break our fast,” Haldir said cheerfully.  “You are welcome to join us,”  he gestured to two other elves, “or you can wait for Storm to return.”

Legolas frowned slightly.  “Lady Nevlotwen was quite angry when we parted ways last night.  I do not believe she will be seeking my company for breakfast.”

Haldir surprised Legolas with a hearty laugh.  “Angry she was.  We could not help but overhear.  I haven’t heard her that mad…

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