Heart of the Storm – Chapter Eight

Christine Ray – Facing a fear

Brave & Reckless

True to her word, Storm led Legolas through the main gates of the City of Galadrium before the setting of the sun.  Legolas was dazzled by the city’s beauty.  Massive staircases spiraled around the trunks of trees larger than anything Legolas had ever seen.  He could see platforms of every shape and size above his head.  Silver light shone from above and everywhere he could hear the sound of singing.  Storm led him to the base of the mightiest of these trees.  She told him that this was where Galadriel and Celeborn dwelled.  A sentry at the base of the tree greeted Legolas’ person with recognition and shared the happy news that his horse had found its way into the city.  The sentry informed Legolas that he was to lead him to the guest quarters where his belongings awaited him.  Legolas was to prepare for a dinner in his honor—…

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