Heart of the Storm – Chapter Ten

Christine Ray – Decisions made

Brave & Reckless

Time became fluid for Storm as she stood in Legolas’ embrace, taking in the sweetness of his mouth.  As their kisses became deeper, more insistent, her hands left her conscious control and wrapped themselves around his neck.  She felt one of Legolas’ hands entwine in her hair, while the other curved around her waist pulling her closer to him.  When they finally broke the kiss, they rested their foreheads together, short of breath, hearts pounding.

“I believe we will soon be missed,” Storm observed, indicating the banquet in full swing in the great hall.

“I do not wish to share you with a room full of people quite yet,” Legolas said, not relinquishing his hold around her body.

“Nor I you,” Storm replied, wishing she could preserve this moment in amber, where the only things that mattered were the tender look in Legolas’ eyes, the feel of his arms around…

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